SELLERS Agents Cant Show Your Home Without Easy Access To Your Home

Dated: 02/06/2016

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Image titleTeam Presidio is made up of expert Realtors who work with both SELLERS and BUYERS, so our experience is with both sides of process,  and the way in which a listing agreement is initially set up is imperative to the success of the SELLER receiving an offer.  SELLERS want their homes listed and they want it sold immediately!  So do we!  But lately, many of them place restrictions on the Listings Agents' ability to provide easy access to the cooperating Buyer's Agent... thus creating a problem for both Agents.  

Both Agents work together to help both clients reach their common goal -- which is to close the transaction quickly and easily.  However, there are scenarios that can make this process far more difficult that it should be.  Today, let's talk about ACCESS!


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ACCESS is one of the many attributes to a successful Listing.  Here are some quick tips below:

1. List your home on the MLS so it appears in the Buyer's search.  

   - It's important to advertise your home to the public and the MLS is the source to hundreds of syndicated sites.

2. Place an MLS Keysafe on your home for easy ACCESS to the Buyer's Agent.

   - Listing in the MLS without an MLS Keysafe does NOT allow easy ACCESS

   ---- Unfortunately, the reality is that many Buyer's Agents won't bother trying to include the home in their client's tour if they have to make appointments with the Seller.

   - When a Seller refuses use of an MLS Keysafe, they clearly want complete control with regards to who has access to their home.  

   ---- Unfortunately, many work during the day, weekends, and cannot be reached for hours, and they miss out on Buyer Tours and their home does not get shown.

3. Ensure that the Listing's presence on the MLS is appealing.

   - Make certain the information is accurate, the photos are bright and beautiful, and the description is inviting.  This will attract Buyer's who will include it in their favorites for showings.

4.  Market the Listing heavily in multiple platforms and get as much Buyer "foot traffic" into that home within the first 2 weeks or less. 

5. Make it easy to show!

- Vacant Listings are the easiest homes to show with 100% ACCESS.

---- "Vacant - Go Show" - are every Agents favorite words for they are quickly included in an Buyer's Home Tour.

- Occupied Listings are just as easy to show and can be just as successful with the right ACCESS.  

--- "1 hour courtesy call to owner & agent, leave message, Go SHOW" is the best option when occupied. This means the Buyer's Agent can notify the Seller and Listing Agent when they'll be there, and the house can be shown easily and without permission.

--- "1 hour courtesy call, must have permission by owner prior to entry" is not going to be as successful because the seller is limiting the Buyer Agent's ease of ACCESS.  

--- When you (the owner) can't be reached by either Agent, the Buyer gets anxious, the Buyer's Agent will show houses with easy ACCESS by showing all other properties, and your home isn't shown.

--- "2 hour courtesy call" can be successful with an experienced Buyer's Agent, but the reality is, there are a lot of new Buyer's Agents who don't plan that far ahead.

--- "24 hour courtesy call" can be successful, as long as the Buyer's Agent is organized and the Buyer isn't time restricted. Remember, Buyer's can't see the showing instructions on their version of the MLS, so if they got time off from work to see houses TODAY... your home will not be shown.

When determining the level of ACCESS that is right for you, just remember

Listing Agents and Buyer Agents are LICENSED professionals fingerprinted in the State of AZ

We are trained to keep your home, pets and personal belongings safe during showings

TRUST in the process  

This is why Sellers MUST carefully interview their Listing Agents prior to signing a Listing Agreement. 

If you make an appointment over the phone with one person, but then a different one shows up at your door for the interview, and then a different one manages your Listing, you may find your Listing gets lost in the assembly line.

You can TRUST TEAM PRESIDIO with your Listing because you'll get the same experienced Agent from Start to Finish!

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